Collection: Spices

Spice things up with Cambodian-inspired organic spices! These spices are ethically sourced and free of harmful chemicals, and they're also bursting with unique flavours and aromas. Every pinch of these spices will transport your taste buds straight to Southeast Asia. Use them to add depth to your favourite dishes or explore new recipes.

FAQs Spices

What spices does Angkor Harvest offer?

Our Cambodian spice staples include: Crushed chili flakes, Cinnamon sticks, Root ginger powder, Black Kampot peppercorns, Red Kampot peppercorns, White Kampot peppercorns, and Turmeric powder.

How are Angkor Harvest spices different from other spices?

We use natural ingredients sourced from regions of the ingredients used in authentic Cambodian cuisine.

How should I use Angkor Harvest spices?

Use as necessary to add flavour and personality to any meal.

What are some recipes that use Angkor Harvest spices?

We offer recipes for Cambodian-inspired meals.

Where can I buy Angkor Harvest spices?

Online and select local farmers markets in the lower mainland of B.C.

How long do Angkor Harvest spices last?

Our spices have a shelf life of up to 3 years, stored properly in a dry pantry or cabinet.