Collection: Rice Blends

Tasty and nutritious! Our selection of delicious certified organic rice styles is meticulously grown and harvested without harmful pesticides or chemicals, ensuring you're getting the best quality product that's also good for the environment. With a range of different styles to choose from, including delicious Heirloom red rice, aromatic Basmati brown rice, fluffy Jasmin white rice, and hearty wild rice blends, you're guaranteed to find a rice blend that perfectly complements your favourite dishes.

FAQs Rice Blends

What types of rice does Angkor Harvest offer?

Our variety of rice blends includes: Jasmine (white) rice, Basmati (brown) rice, Wild rice, and Heirloom (red) rice.

What makes Angkor Harvest Rice different from other brands?

Angkor Harvest Rice stands out from other rice brands by prioritizing sustainability, fair trade, and social responsibility, all while providing high-quality and delicious rice options. Our Jasmine rice (Phka Rumduol) has been crowned "World's Best Rice" several times at the World Rice Conference.

Where can I find Angkor Harvest Rice blends?

Online and select local farmers markets in the lower mainland of B.C.

How should I cook Angkor Harvest Rice?

You can steam or boil rice based on the preferred style of rice you would like for your cuisine.

What dishes can I make with Angkor Harvest Rice?

Rice pairs nicely with any protein. Try out the different rice blends to see which variety you prefer the most.

Does Angkor Harvest Rice have any nutritional benefits?

Rice offers many nutritional benefits, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals needed for a healthy diet. Angkor Harvest rice is sourced from Cambodia, India and Canada.

How long does Angkor Harvest rice last?

Our rice blends will last up to 1 year stored in a dry pantry.