Collection: Sauces

Add a deliciously exotic touch to your meal. Our Cambodian-inspired sauces include Cambodian mango sauce, Kampot pepper banana ketchup, Kampot pepper steak sauce and unique and citrusy Kampot pepper lime sauce. Certified organic and ethically sourced, these sauces are delicious and good for you.

FAQs Sauces

What are the different types of Angkor Harvest sauces?

Our Cambodian-inspired flavours include: Mango sauce, Kampot pepper banana ketchup, Kampot pepper lime sauce, and Kampot pepper steak sauce.

How do I use Angkor Harvest sauces?

Use our sauces with any meal to add a taste of Cambodia! We also offer some recipes you can match with the sauces.

What are the benefits of using Angkor Harvest sauces?

Adding healthy and flavorful ingredients to your meals, and proceeds from each sale go toward supporting local and global farmers.

How should I store Angkor Harvest sauces?

Store in cool, dry pantry before opening. For optimal use after opening please refrigerate sauces.