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Angkor Harvest

Organic Kampot Peppercorns, Red

Organic Kampot Peppercorns, Red

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  • Certified Organic
  • Geographical Indications
  • Ingredients: organic Kampot pepper
  • Product of Cambodia

Kampot peppercorns are highly coveted for their exquisite flavour and aroma, and Angkor Harvest Organic Kampot Red Peppercorn is no exception. This particular variety has been fully ripened and air-dried, resulting in a complex aroma and sweet undertone that sets it apart from other peppercorns. In contrast to black peppercorns, it is less pungent, making it a perfect complement to briny fresh shellfish like shrimp or lobster. But be warned; this peppercorn is extremely rare and highly sought after, making it a true delicacy for any chef or food lover.

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