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Angkor Harvest

Kampot Pepper Lime Sauce

Kampot Pepper Lime Sauce

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Angkor Harvest, based in Richmond BC, is committed to providing customers with quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Their Kampot Pepper lime sauce results from a meticulous process involving organic, fair trade, and specialty ingredients. The company recognizes the importance of authenticity and has made it its mission to develop a product that stays true to tradition. Combining Kampot Pepper and lime creates a balanced and flavorful sauce that adds a layer of taste to any dish. Angkor Harvest's attention to detail in its sourcing process and dedication to creating a high-quality product make its Kampot Pepper lime sauce a must-try for any food enthusiast.

Ingredients: Organic fresh lime, organic palm sugar, organic Kampot pepper, and sea salt

Kampot Pepper lime sauce is excellent on meat, seafood, steak, and fish.

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