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Angkor Harvest

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

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  • Certified organic
  • Ingredients: organic coconut sugar
  • Product of Indonesia/Philippine

Coconut sugar is a popular alternative sweetener, often touted for its mineral content and low glycemic index. While it’s true that 100 grams of coconut sugar contain a significant amount of potassium, it’s important to note that a teaspoon or two won’t provide many minerals. However, the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute has confirmed that coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. This means that it doesn’t produce the same sharp spikes in blood glucose and insulin levels that table sugar does. With a glycemic index of 35, coconut sugar falls into the same category as sweeteners like honey and agave syrup. For those looking to regulate their blood sugar levels, coconut sugar may be a beneficial alternative to traditional white sugar.

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